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Bottombridge is a new cartoon that you will be able to see on the web. Follow the adventures of the village people in this typical British rural town.

Bottombridge is still in the development stage. Please stay tuned!

More info:

Bottombridge was inspired by The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama and South Park.
We aim for a 'certificate rating' of (12*)-(15*), like Family Guy.


The development team can access relevant documents here.

News/Timeline of development:
12 Jan 04 - Original drawings of the Robinsons, one of the two main families in "Bottombridge".
15 Jan 04 - First ideas for characters and plots noted down. Original drawings of house/street.
18 Jan 04 - Small presentation web site uploaded.
16 Feb 04 - Bottombridge.com bought. Began indepth character synopsis and history (17).
22 Feb 04 - Original drawings of the tramps. Pretty much completed character synopsis and history (32).

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