Name: Kate Heavenor.
DOB: approx. 1981.
From: Glasgow, Scotland.
Lives: London, England.
Job: Presenter for children's television.

Heavenor's father is an inventor.

Heavenor is well known to childrens television in the UK. She frequently appears on CBBC and it's programmes, as well as presenting for the Disney Channel.

At the Royal Academy of Music and Drama she studied contemporary theatre practice. She was later educated by TVYP. TVYP explain: "Each year Television and Young People offers 150 18-21 year-olds the ultimate media career short cut."

She took over from Gail Porter as the female presenter in Fully Booked. She then went on to present the replacement to Fully Fooked, FBi. She has also presented Hyperlinks and Eureka TV for CBBC.

Outside of CBBC, Heavenor has presented The Crew Room on BBC Choice. In 1999 she played Peter Pan on stage.

In 2000 she posed for Sky and Maxim magazines.

Later that year she also presented a two-day educational anti-drug conference with Fred MacAulay which was organised by Strathclyde Police. Heavenor has also appeared on Children In Need.

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