What do Southampton University students get up to in their spare time?

Walk Through The New Forest (Video - 1.6MB)
On 10 March, 2004, a typical bunch of students from the SOES (School of Ocean and Earth Sciences, University Of Southampton) went to the New Forest, a ten minute and £4.30 (return without railcard) journey by rail.

Go To The Isle Of Wight
The Isle of Wight is a 20-minute ferry ride away (£12.50).

Use The Megabus Service To Get To London
A megabus return from Southampton to London costs ~£6.50 per person!

Halls Of Residence
Check out our C-Block, Connaught Hall Of Residence section from the 2002-2003 academic year.

Geoscience Fieldtrips
Check out our pictures from a geology fieldtrip to Ingleton, Yorkshire.

International Expeditions With Friends
A group of students who stayed at Connaught Hall went to Portugal together in the summer of 2003. Click here for some pictures.

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